From the Editor: Welcoming a New Year!

The latest issue of Vision Magazine arrives just in time as the last of the lights and decorations are finalised, and the illuminated cities around Australia readily await for Christmas celebrations and the New Year.

While Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere always seems to be short of the snow blanketed horizon and the white tree tops, the festive atmosphere here in Australia is just as merry and full of entertainment as Christmas in any other country. Around the globe, people are familiar that this is a time of appreciation for God's eternal love and warmth.

To help our readers discover more fashion choices, Vision Magazine locates the best shopping malls around Sydney for a one-stop hold of all the current trends and brand names. Like a gift from the heavens, dazzling and modern brands fill century-old historical buildings at Paddington, Sydney.

Fashion is a defining signature of oneself, fueling the hearts of our highly stylised readers; art, beauty and culture form the three foundations of this magazine. The Ring Cycle is known as one of the greatest series of opera in history, a composition which took Richard Wagner 26 of his youth years to complete. For 2,500 years, the Great Wall of China has witnessed the rise and fall of countless dynasties and societies within and out of its national borders. In Cairns, diving into the 2,000km long Great Barrier Reef and strolling through the 100 million years old Mamu Rainforest will let you feel closer to the gifts of nature than ever before.

It is no surprise that Chinese business pioneers often consider Australia as one of the most liveable places in the world, and the stepping stone to start new brands and businesses, and achieve one's dreams.

Sydney, Australia is one of the first cities in the globe to be touched by the New Year, marked by the exclusive fireworks show on Sydney's Harbour. From the countdown till midnight, Sydney-siders are swept by the radiant night sky, fireworks and the famous flaming crescendo light up the whole harbour to welcome the New Year.

Wishing all readers a happy 2017.