From the Editor: Asian Infusion in the Fashion World

The great fashion ‘Lafayette’ Karl Lagerfield once said: ‘The minute you like your job, it’s not working anymore.’ This sentence holds the key to success for many in the art and culture world.

This year the fashion industry farewelled the great legend, Karl Lagerfield. He began his career as creative director of fashion house Fendi, before taking up the artistic reins at Chanel 35 years ago.

A leader among the giants of the fashion world, Karl Lagerfield was an ‘iconic, universal symbol of style,’ leading trends while still managing to subvert them. When postmodern trends emerged, he rebelled and ignited a renaissance fervor. Some say that Lagerfield’s passing marks the end of traditional fashion.

As consumer loyalty to luxury brands declines, Chinese consumers have become the main drivers of the luxury market. The younger generation of consumers are shifting towards experiential consumption, and the market is transitioning to accommodate this changing mindset which is in turn accelerating the emergence of younger, more modern brands.

In response to this trend, traditional brands are gradually reforming their business models, brand image and product lines. In particular, for those that seek to succeed in the Chinese market, Chinese cultural elements are becoming an increasingly important aspect of design.

This year, digital media is projected to disrupt the fashion market – the effect of celebrity endorsements may shrink as the pervading influence of social media influencers grows. The new edition of VISION is here. Our editorial team has collated the global fashion that will cater to the finest taste. Being based in Australia means that we can present the latest concepts in global fashion brands to our loyal readers in a way that you will understand and appreciate, bringing our Eastern and Western audiences a perfectly balanced blend of fashion and lifestyle inspirations.

夏言 (Editor-in-chief)