From the Editor: VISION, Your Loyal Companion

Towards the end of October each year, the “Fashion Week Spring/Summer" sends a wave of hype across the global fashion industry. Gucci, the world’s leading and most influential Italian luxury brand, took part in the event for the first time, leaving an unforgettable impression at Paris Fashion Week. Experts rated the 2019 Spring/Summer show as a series of surreal aesthetics, both dazzling and fascinating, insane and far-sighted, whimsical yet intricate; the perfect representation of our age and time. In an era that mines the past seek new ideas and inspiration, it becomes a matter of upholding tradition without seeming old fashioned. Not only does this put pressure on mainstream fashion, it’s also a test of survival in the media market.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, VISION Magazine celebrated our third anniversary at The Star Sydney, where VISION's innovative marketing model was showcased to our VIP guests. As the online media space continues to expand, traditional print media is gradually being transformed by the digital world. Whilst most media only provides singular channel promotions for clients, VISION, from the onset, has prepared a solid foundation to tailor for each client, a multi-channel and multimedia pathway to connect with the Chinese market - a comprehensive marketing model that is unprecedented in Australia. The host of our anniversary event left guests in awe as she illustrated an actual example of a proven successful marketing campaign through an exclusive marketing channel.

Another highlight of this edition is the successful promotion of Australian fashion and brands to Chinese tourists. We took a unique marketing approach where VISION Magazine stepped out of our office with our families to take part in a series of travels that will appeal to a typical Chinese family. Thanks to Grand Hyatt Melbourne, Montblanc Australia, Holden, and other brands for their sponsorship and support which ensured the huge success of this event.

Seeing that Christmas is on its way, this edition’s wedding and home & life section is perfect for those seeking to tie the knot.

Whether you are an individual reader or a business, when you open this new issue, you will find that VISION is your loyal companion, always by your side to help you bridge the gap between East and West.

夏言 (Editor-in-chief)