From the Editor: A Visionary Welcome To the New Year

For many, the New Year doesn’t wrap up until February, when the annual Lunar New Year celebrations shake up the streets in a loud thundering ritual of lion dances, firecrackers and seas of red lanterns. This Asian tradition has long become an integral part of the festive calendar around the world.

Over the course of recent meetings with Greg Hawkins, the Managing Director of The Star Sydney, or with Gerry Harvey, the founder of Australian retail giant Harvey Norman, I began to notice a trend in the current market.

It appears that a large proportion of the western culture inherently values Chinese traditions; and this is perhaps even more apparent than in the Chinese community itself. Some say this is due to commercial imperatives and the desire to leverage potential business opportunities, but for me that is simply untrue. I believe that living in Australia, in such a culturally diverse society as this, we should not dismiss the unfaltering respect that mainstream society carries for all cultures and traditions from the depths of their hearts.

Vision is the quintessence of Chinese lifestyle and luxury, made possible by a creative-minded team committed to discovering and understanding Australia to the fullest. This edition welcomes a special feature - The Star Sydney. In a display of appreciation for Chinese culture, this year The Star has lined up a number of food festivities and events during the Lunar New Year period.

A defining aspect of our rapidly changing society is the search for better and faster ways to translate dreams into reality. Whether you are immersed in Japan’s latest digital technologies (in which childhood fantasies can be brought to life before your very eyes), or you follow Australian artist Billich back to the rich maritime history of ancient China, or you gasp and gape at The Unbelievables on stage; it is fascinating to witness how the human mind can open up to boundless possibilities.

The Taipei 101 is a significant embodiment of science and technology coming from Taiwan; Switzerland Montblanc sets a world-class level of craftsmanship; and the Jeju Island of South Korea is a discovery of unimaginable beauty. These various parts of the globe are continually connected through the evolving progression of fashion and lifestyle, but the underlying traditional values that flow deep within our human nature remain eternal.

Our client base is filled with those amazed at discovering Vision, not only for the depth of its content, but for the way it grasps both Chinese and Western cultures in such an intricate and beautiful way. Due to this, Vision is proud to say we have been invited to partner with multiple brands in an array of dazzling lion dances and performances in celebration of the Lunar New Year this year in Sydney.

On behalf of the team at Vision, I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Dog.

夏言 (Editor-in-chief)