From the Editor: 'tis the Festive Season

The month of December is a symbolic time for change and renewal, but this part of the year is also popular for a range of unchanging traditions.

Once again, the summer Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is celebrated by setting ablaze the Australian skyline in an endless array of lights and decor. For example, one household in Queensland has outshined the rest with almost 100,000 illuminating bulbs, a tradition that has continued for over 20 years. This time of the year also welcomes the arrival of excited holidaymakers and sun-seekers to Australian beaches, and among them are the increasing influx of Chinese tourists from the northern hemisphere.

In order to catch on to the rapidly changing world, and to guide Chinese tourists to a better understanding of Australia, VISION has positioned itself as a unique multi-faceted and multi-cultural brand that provides a wider vision for readers; showcasing a chic series of upcoming fashion trends, while capturing the essence of traditional culture and modern life, and exploring the unfathomed mysteries of the world around us.

Enfolded in a glossy stylish layout, VISION’s comprehensive and insightful coverage makes for a perfect leisure acquaintance.

Highlighting this holiday season, Sydney's best rooftop bar - Sky Terrace, is back at The Star, taking the thrill of nightlife to the very edge of the city’s skyline. For many, these heights convey a closeness to a nirvana that may be similar to a trip to the mystic Jade Lake of Kunlun Mountain in China.

Other unmissable hotspots in this edition include Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building, dubbed as one of the most beautiful retail precinct of the world, and Australia’s 1st Bubble Tent, perfect to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and spend a night under the stars at Lithgow's Capertee Valley, the world's second largest canyon.

Another option is to leave the whole modern era, and travel back in time to indulge in the timelessness of classic opera, or the eternal beauty of fine art, from century-old handicrafts to magnificent ancient buildings that have witnessed the rise and fall of cities.

With 2017 coming to a close, VISION looks forward to sharing another amazing year with its readers. We sincerely wish each and every one who has followed this magazine our most heartfelt season’s greetings - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

夏言 (Editor-in-chief)