From the Editor: Australians Live Within a Traditional Reality

As Vision Magazine put the finishing touches on this month's edition, news arrived from Las Vegas that shook the globe, leaving a spine-shivering chill in their autumn air. We would like to begin firstly by sending our sincerest prayers to the family and friends involved in the dreadful mass shooting tragedy.

On a brighter note, spring has returned here in Australia, and so begins a time when Australians prepare to bathe in an expected excess of clear days all throughout October - at least, that is usually the case. This year, however, winter appears to have lingered, and instead of spring, the oncoming heat sees Australia diving straight for summer. Some people say that this relates to Pantone, after the colour institute successfully predicted 2017’s Colour of the Year as “greenery,” hence leaving many Australians, surrounded with abundant nature, in disappointment.

The 2018 New York Spring and Summer Fashion Week recently concluded with an eye-opening display of bright fiery colours, closely resembling a summer beach holiday in Australia. Our Editor’s Pick this edition once again follows next year's trending colour palette pinpointed by Pantone and are especially selected for our Australian readers.

In a world united by a common focus of catching up to trends, those in Australia share a different perception, placing a stronger emphasis on grasping a quality lifestyle than on obtaining the aesthetics. Australians are more drawn to innovative and unique approaches towards the necessities of life. As a high-end magazine, Vision preserves these traditions, while also exploring and adjusting to a wider horizon to create a perfect combination of luxury fashion and daily life.

British influence in Australia set foundations for the popularity of classic stage-plays. When San Francisco’s Vision Magazine editor, Gaby Klika, attended a stage-play performance, she had a fateful encounter with famous Italian bass-baritone opera singer, Ildebrando D’Arcangelo. Known for his powerful voice and presence on stage, D’Arcangelo is also especially charismatic in person, and naturally, we responded by bringing his distinguishable charm to the cover of this edition of Vision Magazine.

Most global trends originate in the Northern Hemisphere where fashion influentials weave dreams of the future. But down in the Southern Hemisphere, far from these dreams, Australians prefer to live in the now, as well as reminisce traditions.

With this new issue of Vision Magazine, we wish our readers joy, good health, and safety.

夏言 (Editor-in-chief)