From the Editor: The more you appreciate, the better you can appreciate.

Everyone who has seen the previous issue of Vision Magazine would have noticed a break in a trend; for the first time, instead of starring a female on the cover of our magazine, we introduced a male celebrity - Hugh Jackman. A decision settled after much debate, its reception was exceedingly positive, which makes one thing clear - never remain stationary. Just like the fast flow of fashion, a successful magazine is forever changing, and there is never a time when our team stops working their magic to introduce new items to supply our readers with more to appreciate.

Last month, at an afternoon event hosted by The Star Sydney, we were extremely fortunate to meet TV star Tim Robards, who became a huge hit after featuring in the show The Bachelor, creating a gentlemanly image that became the ladies’ epitome of 'an ideal partner'. On the day of the event, Tim was, to no surprise, as charming as he is remembered, standing with his winning smile at the centre of attention. We decided immediately: he must feature on the cover of our next magazine. It is not just because of the unquestionably good-looks, but his actions reveal that he is also a gentleman of good taste and lifestyle.

Striving to serve both Chinese and English readers within one publication in Australia is a difficult task, and something rarely achieved because the differences between the two cultures stretch so far apart that it is hard to find the right balancing point. This is where the spirit of Vision Magazine stands out; we understand exactly the challenges we are to face, and we are continually striding forward to overcome them, and achieve a magazine that is perfectly balanced and mature.

There is unseen beauty to be explored all around the world, and strange surprises to be discovered in the corners of every street, but in revealing the underlying traditions and lifestyles of Chinese and Australian culture, we hope to inspire our readers to discover their own taste. As chief editor of Vision Magazine, I am also learning as I go, and taking time to develop my own depth of taste and quality of lifestyle. As there is always space for improvement, we welcome all suggestions for content relating to art and culture, and appreciate your feedback.

We would like to thank our readers for their continuous love and support. With this support, from our next edition onwards, Vision Magazine will include an additional 16 pages dedicated to home life, with valuable options for our quality-seeking, life-savvy readers.

There is a quote that says, "The more you appreciate, the better you can appreciate." If that's the case, appreciation is your key to a good experience.

夏言 (Editor-in-chief)