From the Editor: Fashion, Style and Culture

I am often asked by readers, "What is the purpose of Vision Magazine? Is it to showcase fashion, luxury, or lifestyle?" The answer is in fact none of these. Vision is grounded in culture, or perhaps it’s more accurate to say it portrays the essence of beauty as it is found in today’s fashion, luxury and lifestyle.

In Western society, the role of fashion has always been to fuel trends, set guidelines on the newest ready-to-wear clothing, and present a large variety of aesthetic beauty. Over time, however, this role has stretched to include an ever-broadening scope, that encompasses our whole lifestyle.

When Chinese people began stepping into luxury fashion, their footsteps shook global markets, stripping luxury products of their inherent value and rendering them mass consumable goods for personal satisfaction - as symbols of wealth.

In a world that is ever-evolving and fast-moving, the notion of "beauty" within the fashion industry has also become blurred. We have discovered, however, that even with so much variance in style among people today, the most appealing designs remain the most classic. These will not become out-dated, nor can they be replaced with newer designs. This is because people still have a deeply rooted connection to their past cultural values and heritage.

We found that in a generation where “trend-chasers” are impulsively trying to catch up to anything popular, those who are part of the real luxury world are those who understand fashion, style and culture on a deeper level. The most successful brands are not just a revolving door of new styles and products, but are truly able to resonate with and reflect the spirit of the brand.

The way fashion industries function has changed dramatically in recent history, and one of the most significant changes is that current trends in fashion design are reverting back to days past. Each design contains its own reminiscent story to tell, its unseen spirit to discover. Vision Magazine aims to present our readers with the most culturally and historically rich selection of luxury and lifestyle trends.

The next time our readers are attracted to a luxury product, it won't be the glistening brand name, nor apparent popularity that draws them to it. It will be because they were moved by the deeper spirit they sensed within. The next time people stroll through the bustling streets of Sydney, swept away by its vivid colours and scenery, they won’t respond by reaching for their phones and snapping a picture, but instead will turn to its humble architecture and remember the meaning for which it stands. That will fulfil the sole purpose of Vision Magazine.

To uphold the values of Vision Magazine and present “beauty” in its most pure and true form is no small feat. As people’s perception of beauty has changed, almost anything is easily lauded for its beauty, and most things are thrown together into one enormous pit labelled "beautiful". It is Vision's job then, to reach into this pit, and carefully select those which portray real beauty and luxury.

Nonetheless, if our editorial team maintains their hard work and unwavering support, we are sure to succeed and become ever more widespread and popular. This is something I am confident of.

夏言 (Editor-in-chief)