From the Editor: A Golden Year

By the time you begin to peruse this issue of Vision Magazine , the Chinese New Year celebrations of the Rooster year have come to a close. But just like the thousands of years of Chinese culture and festivities that have persisted through the tide of time, the sparks and cheers of this festive period will resound throughout the rest of the year.

Since the 19th Century gold rush, Chinese culture has continually left imprints on Australian soil, and with a large number of Chinese still immigrating today, this imprint has reached every corner of this country. This gradual infusion of East and West has brought about displays such as parades of Lion dances intermixed with a Chinese Festival of Racing. In today’s world where everything continues to evolve and adapt, elements of Chinese culture have permeated every aspect, with the Oriental design becoming a significant inspiration for high end fashion and leading trends.

While China has its own share of stunning natural wonders, make sure you experience some of Australia’s spectacular coastline that is sure to blow you away with its unique beauty, including incredible formations that have been shaped over millennia by wind, rain and sea.

In this issue we chat to the Australian head of Jack Daniel’s who wonders why one of the most prominent brands in the US and Europe remains unfamiliar to the bulk of the Chinese.

As the Chinese saying goes, ‘with the call of the Golden Roost, a new morning begins’, and just like the breaking of dawn, the illustrious Chinese culture illuminates a new era of fashion, innovation and trends. It is Vision’s mission to share and strengthen the bond between Eastern and Western culture in Australia.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Joanne Missingham, the talented Australian born Chinese professional Go player, who wishes our readers a happy Lunar New Year. The editors of Vision also wish our readers a happy Year of the Rooster - may this year bring you health and prosperity!